Common Concerns

Many potential patients wonder if what they are experiencing can be addressed in traditional insight-oriented psychotherapy. Here are a few of the topics, issues and common concerns we often treat at Supportive Psychological Services PC.


  • Aging

      Life expectancy has increased dramatically in the last 50 years. Older adults are remaining healthier, more active and more invigorated. Consequently, adults and their families are less likely to attribute problems of mood or anxiety to a general decline in health. Depression is no longer seen as an inevitable part of aging. As a… Read more »

  • Depression

    Depression is a painful illness; however, it is not incurable. Medication can help, exercise can help, faith can help; but ultimately it is only you who can conquer your depression. If you are depressed—feel sad and discouraged, have low energy, lost your optimism, can’t sleep or eat properly—then overcoming depression is your most important job… Read more »

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety can be a crippling disorder. It interferes with one’s ability to think clearly, speak in front of others, or socialize. It prevents the sufferer from expressing other emotions, such as love or enthusiasm. For some people, full blown panic attacks can seriously affect their ability to engage in particular social activities. The subjective experience… Read more »

  • Finding Love

    Relationship Success Relationship issues prevent many perfectly suitable people from finding the love and commitment they want. They go on many dates that never lead anywhere. They invest months or years in relationships that drag on or simply end. It seems like there are no “good” people out there. Yet those who are dealing with… Read more »

  • Stress Reactions: Trauma and Loss

    Loss: Relationship breakups are one of the most common reasons that people seek psychotherapy. It is a very disorienting and stressful time. The relationship has ended, so you feel sad, lonely and possibly angry. It is also not unusual to feel hopeless at such a time. These are just some of the reactions someone might… Read more »

  • Psychoanalysis

    You may be reading this because someone has suggested that you could benefit from psychoanalysis. Perhaps you already have experience with insight-oriented psychotherapy; however, you or your therapist believes that to reach your full potential a broader and more inclusive approach is needed. Some people come to psychoanalysis because they have tried other forms of… Read more »

  • Medication

    Depending on your situation, psychotherapy can be combined with an appropriate medication prescribed by your physician or by a psychiatrist. Medication is most helpful to alleviate distressing symptoms so you can better focus on exploring and resolving your issues in therapy. It is not always clear if medication is needed. In some cases just starting… Read more »